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The Maastricht UMC+ Comprehensive Cancer Center (MCCC) is a collaboration between Maastricht UMC+ Oncology Center (OC) and the Oncology division of GROW – School for Oncology and Reproduction, of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University. We work together with our partners inside and outside Maastricht UMC+ to provide the best possible oncological care, scientific research and education and training.

We provide patient-oriented, multidisciplinary care for oncology patients and study ways to improve the outcome of oncological (pre-)care along the continuum of prevention, diagnostics, treatment, nursing and care, and rehabilitation/post-care with a strong focus on ‘survival with preservation of function’.

Our purpose

“Providing the best possible oncological care and improving health in the region through the integration of patient care, scientific research and education.”

“We are an internationally recognised Comprehensive Cancer Centre in an integrated network and have achieved an excellent level in the area of survival with preservation of function.”

Core values
Leading the way in healthcare, scientific research and education
In addition to tertiary referral care and top clinical patient care, our core tasks are scientific research, education and training, and knowledge utilisation.

Driven in our pursuit of excellence
We distinguish ourselves nationally and internationally by
focussing not only on restoring people to health but also on
helping them stay healthy and improve their health.

Empathic in our relationships
We work together on our strategic focus of Healthy Living,
based on four programme priorities that offer everyone the opportunity to contribute to our shared aims within their own context:

• Connecting research, education and healthcare
• The future of our healthcare
• Partner in networks
• Organisational development

Unifying for our environment
In cooperation with our network partners, we are uniquely equipped to deliver healthcare services from baseline to tertiary level and thus offer precisely the right care where it is needed, but also to investigate and implement new sustainable and affordable prevention and healthcare models.

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Contact information

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00.
Outpatient Clinic MCCC: +31(0)43-387 64 00

For non-urgent questions and making, rescheduling or canceling apointments
(>1 week ahead) you can send an email: poli.oncologie@mumc.nl

Secretary's office MCCC:
043-3875041 / 043-3874305

MCCC’s organisation and clinical protocols are focussed on patient orientation, multidisciplinarity, optimal cooperation between different professional groups (doctors, nurses, paramedics), continuous learning and maximum patient involvement. MCCC is supported by a patient panel, which can give solicited and unsolicited advice to the management of the centre. The chairperson and a second member of the panel are full members of the local oncology committee, which prepares clinical policy.

Research - circles of innovation

We feel it is important that our research actually leads to changes and improvements in clinical practice. Thus we can ensure that we supply the best possible care and that tomorrow's care will be even better. There are numerous examples as how to put our ideas into practice. We identify which (environmental) factors may heighten the risks of contracting cancer. Through prevention we ensure that our population is less endangered by these factors. We develop and implement new methods for early detection of cncer and treatments, which have less side-effects. We develop new techniques to treat these side-effects. Simultaneously, we study how patients in their way can contribute to their own treatment and further progression of preservation of function. The circles of innovation (2018) of the MCCC show how our scientists and healthcare professionals collaborate and contribute to the survival of cancer with preservation of function.